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I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada where I lived my entire life. After graduating university and working for a year in my field I left everything I had back home and set out for an adventure I hoped would take me around the world.

I did not have much money or experience travelling.  Above all else I had with me the dreams and ideas, that until then, had lay dormant in my mind and buried underneath the passing thoughts of – “What should be doing to progress academically and professionally?” Through the liberation of my intangible desires, and the courage to believe in myself, I brought my fantasies into reality and became a traveller.

Wolfville, Nova Scotia's Mosquito Point Beach
Wolfville, Nova Scotia’s Mosquito Point Beach

My strongest desire to travel was for personal discovery. I left my home wrought of many questions about myself and the world that I hoped would be answered in time. In leading up to my departure I was curious about what meant most to me, what my view on the world was, what my passions were, and where my heart lay. I wanted to experience the marvel that is our planet – our cultures, nature,  and our interactions with each other. I wanted to connect and feel. The biggest question I had for myself was whether or not my decision to leave home was wise – should I let my dreams reside only in my head?

My friends Brenna, Meaghan, and Chelsea seeing me off at the airport
My friends Brenna, Meaghan, and Chelsea seeing me off at the airport

After being a wanderer for quite some time now I can honestly say that my decision to leave home was wise because It was a decision I made completely for myself. It was untouched by anyone and untainted by the pressures of society. In following my heart I become closer towards being my true self, which to me, is one of the toughest tasks we are faced with in our lives. It has been said many times before, but we only get one life and one chance to live with integrity of character and spirit.


Life is really simple. A fact that reiterates itself when each day lived is embarked on with accordance to who we are. Your desire might not be to travel and wander the world as I but everyone still dreams and has a lifestyle they are attaining to achieve. For me getting lost while travelling seemed the best way to find myself, which was what I wanted to do. Whatever you curious musings are, wherever your passions lay, whatever it is you want to achieve in this world do not miss out on doing so.

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