I Shall be Released, In Istanbul

The beauty of Couch Surfing is that you get to experience the talent and take part in the lives of your hosts. In Istanbul I stayed with Caro Streck a musician and artist from Germany who had been living in Istanbul for a few months to see if she could make a life of art in the big city. Every Thursday she plays a gig at the newly opened Le Jarden Bar with the talent Cello player Barış Güvenenler who is from Turkey.

Before the show Caro took me to a nearby guitar shop owned by Ekrem Özkarpat who is absolutely brilliant in making guitars from scratch. He repaired my guitar that I had been having problems with and lent a guitar to Caro for the show. While my guitar was being fixed Caro, Barış, and I decided to play some music for Ekrem. Caro and I shared an interest in Bob Dylan and decided to sing the song I shall be released, accompanied by Barış.

What we played together sounded really nice and natural. Caro asked that I join them on stage at the show that evening. After our performance, which was the first time I had ever performed in front of an audience, a German student named Marius Bohne asked if he could make a recording of us for a project he was doing in university. The following day we all gathered in Caro’s apartment and made the recording.



I hope you like it :)

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