Baby Luca !

Weeks have gone by of experiencing and learning, adventure and heart, courage and change. How quickly the time has gone by in the embrace of your arrival – the welcoming of your soul. How much you have grown already, and how brave you have been to curiously meet each novelty with assurance – anchoring in the senses of your new world.


In one moment our lives changed completely and forever, and you were brought to us. Since then I have learned exactly how love can fill you in a instant – a fullness beyond measure; an overflow of strength. I have learned the deep longing of missing a part of myself when you are not in my arms, and melted in the scent of your skin on your return . Upon first seeing those open eyes staring up at us when you arrived it felt as though a new star had come into the horizon – complete bliss. Eyes that fail to stop breathing, soaking in, and observing everything around.


Feeling the fullness of birth felt like I was walking a thin line between  bliss as I met this incoming soul, and a deep agony as I waded in the powerful sensations my body was creating. Hours passed as I treaded peacefully in the birth pool, learning to consolidating the experience and to meet the rushes with a wholeness void of fear. Each sensation brought another chance to breath and to let go … embracing the output of creation. Thirteen hours after my waters had broke, I sat on a wooden birthing stool in our bedroom, and out came our boy to meet us fully with his large open blue eyes.


The hours after birth passed in a blur – people came and went with smiles and grace: our midwife, doulas, videographer, and new grandmother a witness to the miracle we were swimming in … what peace … what wholeness … nothing outside of our bedroom stirred. For weeks there was no difference between the night and the day, as we lived next to the scent of your breath. We loved your little lungs for breathing and your heart for pumping. And in the many weeks that have since passed, we now see our big world through eyes of greater love because you are here with us.


As you have grown we have watched you become so comfortable with your place here in the world. We have watched you laugh and smile, experiment and triumph, feel and be open. I cannot thank you enough for trusting and choosing us as your parents. So as Thanksgiving weekend comes to an end, I can full heartedly be grateful for the gifts of motherhood, your comfort in my arms, and our life together that lay ahead.


We send our love and thanks to all of our friends and family around the globe who have been there to support and love us as we have brought fourth and begun nurturing our new life with Luca. You all have made our transition to nesting smooth, comfortable, and full of joy.

IMG_5694And as summer comes to an end, and the autumn breeze brings cooler winds and crisp air, we are all enjoying our days of closeness as we cuddle by the fire. We send out our warmth to everyone we know as we continue to celebrate our new chapter. Shana Tova and Happy Thanksgiving !


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  1. Beautiful Message of Thanksgiving. It describes how we all felt the day you entered the world, so very tiny but full of courage and strength. It was a joy to watch you grow. I can’t wait to meet Luca and Asaf. He is a gorgeous little boy.

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