The Idea of Adventure

Since arriving in Portugal I began to become eager about fulfilling something else worthwhile besides just travelling. In the year and a half prior I had been somewhat aimlessly blown or led from country to country following only my heart and curiosity for culture, life, and people. It wasn’t until arriving for a Doula training program in Istanbul, and completing that, did I realize where my passion was growing.

Assilah, Morocco

Soon it became important for my travels to then hold substance. Instead of just seeing, breathing, and taking in my surroundings I wanted to became apart of something. I wanted to grow. I wanted to give back to the world around me. My Doula course hit home and I found myself plunging into the centre of life itself and curiously wrapping myself around the idea that this knowledge could grow inside of me as experience. I saw myself then being led forward in my travels with purpose, intention, and heart.


As we moved around Portugal and then Morocco, finding transient homes here and there, we were also moving slowly towards an adventure and opportunity that had been blooming in my mind since I met my Doula trainer Robyn in Istanbul – a Midwife and Doula from South Africa. Robyn’s life in her country seemed full of inspiration, beauty, and promise. She described this land as fulfilling, giving, teaching, and hopeful. I quickly begin to picture South Africa as a nesting ground for Asaf and I. I could see a place of growth, the continuity of our interests, and the flowering of love and friendship.


After buying our plane tickets to this distance country, all of our thoughts began spinning around this opportunity for a new start. South Africa was our idea of a blossoming whole new chapter. It was our excitement through all the tight places we found ourselves in. It was our saviour when our fatigue in our now deemed aimless travelling seemed drowning. These plane tickets then became our raft drawing us closer to making our dreams in becoming wholesome draw near.

Sidi El Yamini, Morocco
Sidi El Yamini, Morocco

Since arriving here our lives have been in full spin meeting people. making connections, growing up ideas, and seeing the unfolding of what we envisioned. We found ourselves graciously resting and recovering from the long journey in the warming home of Robyn. A home nestled in the quiet famed grove of the surrounding mountains with plants, birds, wildlife, and family life budding all around. I found myself jumping into the possibility of working closely with other Midwives and Doula’s. And Asaf was given the option of working with soil and plants on a beautiful farm we would be able to make a home in.

Chefchaouen, Morocco
Chefchaouen, Morocco

All promise began unfolding. Here I sit still in Robyn’s garden being given the option to reflect upon our experiences and the treasures that await us. I wanted to write to share and also give word of the importance of this new place for us. Our love and happiness of where we now are we wanted to share in hopes of attracting our friends and family far away to share this next chapter with us.


This world in my mind is still a playground that stretches further past all comprehension – it is much bigger than our places of work, where we sleep, and the perimeter holding all that we know. I want to encourage those reading this today to jump in and reach for that inner place of longing that is deep inside of us and let it carry you further than you have ever dreamed.

Eco villiage in Sidi El Yamini, Morocco

There is so much love all around us growing and giving to the life that connects us all. I see all of the hearts of everyone I know strung together in a long chain completed by the hearts of all our brothers and sisters we have not yet met. I wanted to share this love I feel with you all, along with the promise of this new space I have found myself in. I hope you all know and feel you are loved just the same and that the same promise and hope is there for you.


3 thoughts on “The Idea of Adventure”

  1. Dear Maria,
    I am so happy for you, it makes me happy to read about your life, your love and all the good things that are happening to you.
    Your photographs are absolutely amazing.
    The cabin in the last photograph, is that where you are staying?

    1. Miri !

      Happy you enjoy reading my blog … Its truly a pleasure to share my stories with you …

      The picture of the cabin was from an Eco Village we visited in Morocco just outside of the coastal city Assilah … Pictures of South Africa to come soon :)

      Sending love,


  2. Wow beautiful photo’s my beautiful sister :) thanks for the new entry i look forward to the next :) i will be joining you eventually!!! You will see. Every expirence you share with me , you attract me .

    Ps. I love you !

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