Welcome to Portugal

We arrived in Portugal after months of anticipation. I hold deeply onto the memory of the day we met alongside of the westernmost extension of the mainland. I can still feel us there on top of the rocky cape that pours out into the vast Atlantic Ocean. I remember all of the prior longing before our embrace and of this, I still savour its sweetness.


I flew into Lisbon and after a few buses I found myself looking out across the body of water I had come so far away from since leaving home in Nova Scotia well over a year ago. The smell and touch of the salty air on my skin gave me a soothing reminder of the comfort of the moist and wild air. I walked to the edge of the cliff, lowered my bags to the ground, and lay in the dirt dosing for as long of the minutes and hours passed, while pockets of sunlight covered me like a blanket.


Falling in and out of dream world, basking in the pleasure of the beauty around me, waiting for another warming touch to my skin and heart. A soft smile across my face. I feel perfectly in place. I could hear below the waves crashing like thunder against the harsh shoreline. I could feel in the air the approaching rain.


Packing up my things I started to walk towards the only shelter of Cabo da Roca – a small tourism office – while a dark cloud thickened overhead. Hearing the rain approaching, seeing the droplets displace the green ground, feeling them heavy and drenching us, all around me the tourists screaming, covering their heads, and running. I smile, walking slowly, not even a heavy rain could break my peace.


Reaching the stairs to the office, climbing to the porch, lowering my bags once more to the ground and lifting my head up to remove my wet scarf as he walks out through the front door. A sense of timelessness  … I was nervous, shocked, couldn’t believe I knew him, loved him, and there he was Wrapping my arms around him and his around me and feeling him or the first time in three weeks …


It is a memory I will never forget … Feeling the coalesce of both of our desires, touching and smelling the skin I had missed for so long, holding each other as the rain fell all around us, everyone, and everything else, just mist…


It rained softly on and on as we walked down the cliff to the sandy inlet on the shore. Stripping naked we ran into the turbulent waters with the waves pulling us back and fourth – frolicking in and out. In September the waters were cool, but the warmth I felt emanating from my being kept me from thinking of any cold. Running joyful along the sand, climbing tall rocks, entering gaps in the cliffs and drinking rain water from the mossy caves, soft mist in the air touching all ..


And thus began our chapter in Portugal. We spent a few days relaxing and being restored by the beautiful coast before heading northeast for a Rainbow healing gathering in the small town of Camelo. Here we came across new friends from all over the world, whom we enjoyed paradise with, picking grapes and figs straight from the plentiful trees. Clean clear river water for bathing, swimming, and cleansing. Camping under the quiet stars. Two weeks here before heading south to Alentego to volunteer with workaway.


… Being with him is like living better, breathing better, experiencing it all .. A joyful, celebrated, appreciated, beautiful love …


And now as this chapter comes to an end it marks the beginning of another. After a short trip to Morocco we will find ourselves in a new land, distant, and unplanned, exploring and being apart of life for all there – South Africa is calling :)