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Nesting on Salt Spring Island

After two and a half years of travelling, I have found myself here on one of the most beautiful and serene islands. I have gathered a collection of precious belongings and tossed them in a shelter around me. A long and intense searching for what mattered most to me in this life manifested itself and my heart became flooded with love. In keeping my heart open, and trusting the waves of the universe ebbing and flowing, I have found my story.


I once read that to travel and be transformed by the journey is to be a pilgrim. Looking back at these past few years I cannot help but trace back my journey to the very beginning and examine who I was. I remember everything about the days leading up to my departure. Most of all, I was unbelievably excited and eager to begin absorbing all there would be around me. I knew what I was embarking on was pretty big, and I promised myself that my goal was to always remain true to who I was becoming.


It was hard at times to constantly face novelty, unease, new faces, and my own self consciousness. It was even more difficult to only have myself to answer to. Through time I learned the gifts I received when I allowed myself to always shine through the many moments of challenge without fear. When life asked for the arrival of myself I learned it was best to show up and smile. I learned to be okay in my own skin, to trust my own voice, and to follow my own inherent rhythms pulsing with the beat of the earth.


I believe my greatest gifts anchored in when I allowed myself to be true in all moments and allowed that ease to flow out to those around me. It is beautiful looking back and remembering how I felt on my way from Greece to Israel. It was during that plane ride where I realized just how far I had come in trusting myself. I remember feeling full of life, and brimming so much that I could not help but smile to all the strangers around me. On the train ride into the Negev desert I felt intensely like I was on the right path. The journey felt so heart led and yet I knew not a single person in the country. My heart was just wide open.


It is no coincidence that during those months I began to feel the most intense longing and discovery I had ever felt before – my pilgrimage cracking open. I began to transform from the inside out and catalyzed by love. There were many precious days and magic in the air.


Now all the beauty my life beheld then has overflowed to create the ultimate gift back to the world – my son. Everyday he is a reminder of the wonder which brought him here. My travelling gave life to the discovery of my inherent self, the love of a lifetime, and a flourishing little seedling. Everything feels just as it was intended to be.


So being changed by a journey is what I wish for all of us. Especially now during these fragile and critical moments of time. We all have a journey that is out there waiting for us and I challenge us all to work towards creation. Let us follow our hearts, be love, seek love, and give love to each other. Let us heal. This is my hearts prayer.