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A Wider Perspective of Living

“We are all trying to find our Garden of Eden.”

Each of us out there carries some idea of what it means to live upon this earth. We walk striding, holding onto what we know, with some ingrained direction and plan to create for ourselves all the comfort and security our actions can provide. When it comes to creation, uniqueness is often last, falling far behind convenience and ease.


There was a game I used to play when I was young – one of my absolute favourites. It was called ‘One Hundred Rooms.’ I would picture the house I was to live in when I was older and imagine it having one hundred rooms each with a unique theme and purpose – a jello room where everything was made of jello, a movie theatre room with a giant popcorn machine, and the horse room for riding all of my horses!


Though now my one hundred room mansion seems improbable and very far away, the idea of creating a home that is inspiring and a paradise for myself and those around me is an idea and hope that is within my grasp and mind…


I lived in Israel for six months, three of which were spent in the middle of a field that was surrounded by fruit orchards. Asaf had been creating the idea of a Food Forest for two years and constructed everything that you see. The idea is to live off of the earth in a way that is sustainable, involves minimal work once the gardens have begun, and that every plant supports every other.


In addition to the forrest Asaf also created a place for children that functioned as an educational and therapeutic centre for those from disadvantaged backgrounds. A few times a week we had visitors come enjoy our space, give back to it, and also learn from it – planting vegetables and trees, cooking food on our mud stove, and watching the vegetation grow.


What I learned from living here was seeing the evolution and growth of an idea, of a plan, and story. I had never been to a place where someone lived that was so organically close to the earth, respected it, feed from what she provided, and was in totally harmony with the surroundings. In the field the idea of home was more than a place to rest and function as a working human being, but it was built around a philosophy for a respectful, beautiful, and fruitful life that gave, inspired, and loved many.


It was here where I asked myself the question – what should a home provide? What all can a living space be?


Eden is a place where all of your needs are taken care of. It nourishes you, keeps you warm, free from harm, and gives you everything you need to flourish. It is a place that is familiar to all of us, perhaps a place we have once experienced, and one that we are desperately trying to get back to.

IMG_2357For me going back to Eden means creating a space that is totally me. A space that does not harm my environment but feeds it, respects it, lets it breath, and sings to it. I see an environment of warmth that supports me, is a place of comfort to those I know and to those who needs it, and is a place that is full of life with many plants, vegetation, and animals.

IMG_2179With good intentions in mind, and respect for everything and anything, creating a nourishing environment for ourselves I believe is one of the most important and valuable things we can do. Imagine walking up in a place everyday that you created, that mirrors you, that gives back to the earth as much as it takes, and inspires everything that touches it. Of coarse this idea might seem completely naive but imagine for one second that it is not – that it is one hundred percent attainable just modified for different areas.


With all of the choices we are faced with in our lives, the space we chose to live says so much about us and who we are. Our homes have so much potential to give, rebuild our earth, and nourish us whole-fully.  I envision a happier world if our homes were given the attention they deserve, were met with creativity, if they originated by our own thoughts, and if they were built with love.


At this point in my travels my adventuring has turned into a collection of movements directed to teach or give me something. Instead of travelling to just see and experience I am now moving about the world to pick up the experiences, teachings, knowledge, and wisdoms that match my personal interests. One day when I do settle down on this earth I will settle with everything I need to create a unique space and lifestyle that is me at the core.


Until then I will let my ideas for my own Eden continue to develop and grow with love, along the way, urging others to do the same…