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My name is Maria Alishia Catherine Robins. Welcome to my blog. Here I share the stories and adventures created through my travelling that I find through my ceaseless imagination.  As a nomadic explorer I often follow my curiosity for culture, history,nature, and people. I also listen desperately to my intuition, the moon, my heart, and the cosmos. Each day I find myself amongst something new or within the heart and eyes of a new friend. All of these special occurrences remind me that the world is full of secrets, treasures, beauty, and love that are waiting to be found

Palazzo Reale, Genoa Italy
Palazzo Reale, Genoa Italy

In my  experience of the world life has always had a magical quality. As a kid at heart I have never wanted anything more out of each day than exploration and renewal. After realizing in my early-twenties that I had large dreams begging for realization in April 2014 I quit my job and began my transcendence back into childhood adventure. In my dreams I saw myself free to do what I wanted each day, open enough to experience things otherwise not possible, and daring enough to be myself without thinking about what was expected of me. I decided it was time to live being true and honest with myself.


I hope by blogging I can inspire other individuals to seek the marvel out of life that they are entitled to. I believe that each of us are in the process of creating our own stories and it is up to ourselves, using  personal courage, to write our lives beautifully. Life for most people follows a standard course of non-action. I hope through writing I can encourage others to break out of this streamlined way of living, to not be followers, and to take it upon themselves to decide which direction they want their lives to go.


If I could give advice to anyone it would be to dare to live, and to do so with integrity. Follow your heart and trust yourself. Let your curiosity and spirit be the stepping stones to the adventures of your life. Be brave and be open. Pursue your dreams as they come to you, and without any self doubt. Always remember that we are only given one chance in our lives to become the person we want and are supposed to be. Never be afraid to run with the wind.

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  1. I’m so happy for and proud of you ! Every picture, thought and word you share makes me cry as I remember the very person I have always known you to ne, which in our world of friend is perfect ! Enjoy and live maria. Missing you!

  2. this is beautiful maria i am so happy and proud of you …keep on your journey enjoy your love and happiness …tell our baby aunt candy love them and they will be very lucky to have a mom like you .. take care love you

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